Forever-Will by Eventmage

This is a website that will let you encrypt your will and automatically send to your loved ones after you are gone 😢

At the end, death 👻 is inevitable. However, it might be better if you leave your will or messages to your loved ones. Hopefully, they will feel less depress 🙂


User Friendly & Great Privacy

As you can see, this webapp is easy to use. You can create your will, set your preferred method of encryption and method of event trigger (Countdown or Specific date of delivery).

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Why am I created this site?

I have a rough idea of an online will years ago. But the death of my grandma make me realize how important it is to make your family feel less depress after you are death. Although, this website might be full of bugs, I will try as hard as I could to fix it and keep it running until I'm gone. The monthly payment 💸 such as hosting cost and function operation will be paid by me as a tribute to my grandma and other deceased.



Contact Information

This website was created by 😎 Nobpo Payomrat.

In case you found bugs or errors, Please contact me at 📧 : contact@forever-will.com